“Charles is the guy in the know others want to know… Wall St. legends stop and listen. High-and-mighty politicians stop and write...”

Charles is widely recognized in the media as a leader in the analyst community.”

My main goal is to break through this malaise – remind people to re-embrace the American dream because it’s not dead.”

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InvestorPlace Media Partners with Charles Payne, Rising Fox News All-Star

Most Americans missed out on the historic bull market in U.S. stocks. Charles Payne, Fox News regular and host of “Making Money With Charles Payne,” is determined to change that.

May 5, 2015, Rockville, MD—Wall Street veteran and Fox News regular Charles Payne has a bone to pick with his fellow investment professionals: Too many hardworking Americans are falling further and further behind.

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Making money is important, but more important is helping people believe in themselves.”

The stock market is the best way the average person can change his economic life.”