You can buy all three stocks you’ll read about in this report with complete confidence. They’re all top holdings and rated Strong Buys. One is such a “sure thing” that I made it my first “forever” stock in Smart Investing…

Charles Payne

Editor, Smart Talk

The three investment opportunities you’re about to discover were handpicked and vetted by my team of professional equity analysts and by me personally. I’m convinced that all three can deliver you substantial stock-market profits in the coming weeks.

I strongly encourage you to add as many as you can to your own investment portfolio just as soon as possible. All three are “core holdings” identified through a months-long process of hand screening hundreds of stocks for the institutional clients of my 25-year-old independent research firm, Wall Street Strategies.

Each one was also identified and fully vetted using the same rigorous methodology – and intensive research and ruthless peer review – I’ve developed over 30 years on Wall Street and that has consistently handed my clients winner after winner.

Including in the past year, locked-in pure profits of …

F5 Networks………………+210%
Cal-Maine Foods…………+213%
Kandi Technologies……+298%
Questcor Technologies… +324%
InterMune…………………… +391%

Yes, that’s in 2014 alone!

Already this year, we locked in eight additional double-digit gainers and two triple digit winners, including 132% on Cimpress N.V. and 166% on Seagate. I have every reason to believe that the stocks highlighted in this report will perform even better.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that all three are Strong Buy recommendations in their own right and you can buy them all with confidence today. So let’s take a look.

“Sure Thing” Stock No 1 – The original king of “wearables”

As is often the case with “can’t miss” investment opportunities, the stock I want you to buy first needs no introduction. The company was founded back in 1964, is widely regarded as a legitimate “game changer“ on many levels, and clocks in at No. 18 on the Forbes list of the world’s most-valuable brands.

Over the course of 50 years, the company’s forward-looking management has revolutionized how products are marketed to the young and old, including dramatic contributions to the evolution of television and multimedia brand marketing – and setting the standard for celebrity endorsements and high-profile partnerships. In the process, turning the formerly staid world of college sports on its head, while changing the way two generations of weekend warriors dress.

Since going public more than 30 years ago, the stock has earned investors a truly astonishing 30,000% percent on their original investment, including 3,000% in just the last 15 years alone, making this stock one of the greatest investments in stock market history.

Of course, I’m talking about NIKE Inc. (NYSE: NKE), Phillip Night’s brainchild juggernaut out of Bearton, Oregon, USA. As if you don’t already know, NIKE is the world’s leading developer and marketer of footwear, apparel and equipment featured prominently in most every sport and leisure endeavor under the sun – from running to basketball, football, men and women’s training, golf, tennis, and action sports. Plus a range of products that can only accurately be categorized as “sportswear.”

The only question I can imagine you asking about investing in NIKE is “why now?” That’s a valid question. The flip answer is “better late than never.” The more meaningful answer is that there is every reason to believe the story is not nearly over – not by a long shot. Goldman Sachs recently featured NIKE on its list of companies positioned to profit off the millennial generation – and a stock millennials are investing in themselves – not bad for a stodgy 50-year-old company. That’s why I made this my first “forever” stock in Smart Investing.

The company’s fundamentals are every bit as inspiring as its trademark slogans and “swoosh.” Management execution is something I analyze closely, and Nike executes spectacularly. The company has a history of beating Street expectations, and they did it again with another earnings grand slam. Fiscal fourth-quarter results hit the market in late June, with both top- and bottom-line numbers easily beating expectations. Earnings came in at $0.98 a share, which beat estimates by $0.15, while revenue of $7.78 billion was better than the expected $7.69 billion. Full-year revenues of $30.6 million were up 10% from fiscal 2014.

This was the 12th straight quarter the company has exceeded Wall Street’s already lofty earnings expectations. Margins are among the strongest in the industry and growing, as are all-important free cash flows – allowing the company to bump its generous dividend payout for 13 consecutive years. In short, one of the most innovative companies in the history of U.S. capitalism is firing on all cylinders.

As for competition from upstart Under Armour (UA), I love that company, too. In fact, we booked more than 20% gains in the stock in less than two months. In my view, the competition is a plus – and will only spur Nike to keep up its tradition of innovation. As an added bonus for a “forever” stock, there is a near-term catalyst for NIKE shares. President Obama recently visited the company’s Oregon headquarters to drum up support for his controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Let’s just say he was preaching to the choir. Like other apparel makers who manufacture offshore, NIKE pays massive amounts in annual import tariffs. Should the deal pass, NIKE’s already-robust earnings will get a serious shot in the arm.

All of which, when combined with rock-solid management, an absolutely bulletproof balance sheet, and an equally bright future looking out generations, make NIKE a great stock to own for the long term.

“Sure Thing” Stock No. 2 – The cream of the Dow 30 giants?

My second “sure thing” stock I want you to consider adding to your portfolio today also needs no introduction. Older even than NIKE, the company traces its history to its original founder and namesake as far back 1915. In the century since, it has grown and morphed through acquisitions and mergers to become the second-largest defense contractor in the world and the single largest U.S. exporter by dollar volume – earning its rightful place in the Dow 30 index of the most important U.S. industrial companies and the 30th spot on the Forbes 500 list – and No. 26 on the list of most-admired companies.

Have you guessed? The second “sure thing” I want you to buy today is aviation technology pioneer and global defense leader Boeing (NYSE: BA). Surprisingly, for an $80 billion defense contractor, Boeing fits nicely with my approach of uncovering investment ideas by carefully observing the world around you. After all, if you’ve taken a commercial flight, watched any number of TV shows or movies since the 1960s, or even spent an afternoon gazing up at the clouds, you know Boeing and how successful the company is. Its once-unfathomable fat-body 747 literally revolutionized intercontinental air travel and its ubiquitous 737, 767 and ultra-modern 777 airplanes are modern culture touchstones and staples of almost every carrier’s fleet.

And then there’s the defense business. The company is a leading developer and supplier of long-range bombers, training jets, navy drones, and nearly every conceivable “big acquisition” aviation-related product contracted by governments around the globe. To be sure, Boeing faces competition for these multimillion-dollar contracts with the likes of Lockheed (LMT) and Northrup Grumman (NOC), and might contend with reduced defense spending in the future. Though given the current rise in global tensions, the threat that there will be a lack of demand for Boeing’s products anytime soon seems sadly laughable.

As for the long-term future, the sky isn’t even the limit! Management recently acknowledged that they’re glad to see competition from Elon Musk’s upstart SpaceX, which has emerged as a rival in the space business. They said that the competition has “brought energy into the space industry,” a reference to its own United Launch Alliance joint venture with longtime rival Lockheed Martin, which currently has a monopoly on Air Force launches. Clearly, the company agrees with my assessment that there is more than enough money to go around from the U.S. military and NASA.

All this makes Boeing a “sure thing” to power well into the current century. To further sweeten the pot for investors, the company has made clear its plans to return free cash to shareholders through dividends and share buybacks. One more reason you can buy the stock with confidence at today’s prices.

“Sure Thing” Stock No. 3 – My bet, the future of EVERYTHING

I won’t beat around the bush. The third “sure thing” stock is in great position to drive the future of “everything.” I’m talking about Google (Nasdaq: GOOG). It boggles the mind to think that when I first recommended the stock to my clients, I characterized the company as “a leading online search engine.” My, how far we’ve come in just a few short years.

With a market value in excess of $470 billion, Google is one of the most widely followed, widely held, and frequently traded stocks in the market. The company, meanwhile, is easily one of the most recognized brands in history and was recently named the 10th most admired and 2nd most valuable behind Apple. Search still matters. But in recent years the company has expanded to dominate all aspects of online technology, cloud computing, email, and especially online advertising – including the wildly popular AdWords and AdSense – which currently drives a good chunk of its revenues.

In recent years, the company also developed and currently drives the Android mobile operating system and ecosystem. For which it produces its own consumer hardware for access the Internet, including Chromebook and Google Glass. It’s been estimated that Google runs over one million servers around the world and processes a billion search requests every day, making it the most visited website in the world. You must agree that’s stunning for a company bootstrapped in a dorm room by two college students less than 20 years ago. Since the company’s IPO in 2004, investors have seen a 10-fold increase in their original investments.

Now, here’s why I foresee equally great things for the next 20 years. When our grandchildren talk to their children about Google, I have a hunch neither will even bring up the idea of Internet search. Google’s driverless cars will dominate the roads. The company will be a major player in healthcare and medical technology, which it will have helped revolutionize. Thanks to its famous “moon shot” thinking approach to innovation, 3D smart phones will be in everybody’s pockets, Google robots will be helping our soldiers defend freedom around the world, and heck even Google Glass will have finally caught on!

Of course, this is all speculation. As you’ll discover I don’t recommend that you invest in pipe dreams based on your imagination. I can’t tell you precisely what will make Google a great investment 20 years from now. It could be any or all of those things or more likely something else altogether. What I can tell you is that Google is a rock-solid cash-generating monster – one that isn’t afraid to put that cash to use building an unassailable balance sheet and investing in the innovations that will shape our world for generations to come.

For me, that’s the very definition of a “sure thing” investment. If you don’t already own it, I heartily encourage you to open a position today.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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