There’s only one sure way to get rich investing. But it takes time and patience. If you can’t wait, there is another solution that can work. Assuming you can satisfy the three conditions spelled out below…

Charles Payne

CIO, Smart Investing

If you’re familiar with my daily show on Fox Business News then you’ve probably heard me say this…

In my experience, there really is just one sure-fire way to get rich, truly rich, investing. Warren Buffett used it.

Peter Lynch and Bill Miller did, too. Not to mention Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and nearly every other multibillionaire you’ll find on the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Without exception, every one of these ultra-high-net-worth moguls were at point “part owners” of one or another of their generation’s most wildly successful, truly transformative companies.

I’m not making this up…

I know this from experience. Not just from having studied and interviewed dozens of the world’s wealthiest investors. But also from having hand-reviewed the investment portfolios of thousands of successful individuals and professionals.

I hope I’ve convinced you that this strategy works. In fact, if I’m blessed to pass along just one “big idea” I’ve confirmed over my 30-plus-year career as a a professional investor and money manager, I hope that’s it.

It’s the least I can do.

Especially since you recently taught me something just as important — specifically relating to the unique challenges facing self-directed investors like us in this aging, increasingly volatile and crash prone bull market.

Or perhaps I should say you taught me a few things.

First, in your comments and emails, you reminded me that not all investors have the luxury or temperament to invest in my best ideas with the full intention of holding them all essentially forever — as Warren Buffett famously put it.

Perhaps, you are moving in on your retirement years — or maybe you are already retired. I hear you. I’m not 30 years old anymore, either! As we move through our accumulation years, our time frames naturally shorten.

Or maybe you are investing toward a specific goal or a planned expenditure in the nearer future: a new or second home, for example. Or the classic car you always dreamed of… a special family trip… or a deserving youngster’s tuition.

I hear you there, too. Although it’s easy to forget sometimes, there are countless other more “commonplace” reasons to invest — that is, in addition to building a safe and secure retirement for you and your loved ones.

This next concern is even more pressing now…

I’ve also sensed something else from your emails and questions. Namely, your concern that there has never been a time when it was more difficult to buy and hold great companies for the seriously long-term than it is right now.

Of course, the exaggerated daily volatility and weekly market swings play a role in this. As does the fact that we are officially seven full years into a bull market that many are calling historic both in terms of duration and magnitude.

But even that’s not all. Remember, we’ve faced these challenges before. What’s different now is twofold: First, as I mentioned, we’re not getting any younger. Second, we have not one but two historic crashes still fresh in our memories.

Add to this the clamor in the media — predicting everything from another 50% market crash to a second great depression and even “The End of America” — and it’s easy to see why investors are uneasy holding exclusively for the long term.

The urgency of your concerns was brought home to me during the outsized volatility we experienced together in January of this year where many investors discovered that they didn’t really have the patience for a long-term approach.

Look, I get it. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. In fact, that’s one reason why I’m so pleased to able to reach out to you with this important announcement today – and invite you personally to join me in a truly one-of-a-kind adventure.

But only if you can agree to three conditions…

As you may have gathered, I’m working on a solution to address the concerns I’m hearing from investors right now…

Especially if you are uneasy taking the “long view” and holding the world’s greatest companies through periods of market turmoil that batter about the share prices of the even the planet’s best-run, best-positioned businesses.

Likewise, if like some of my private wealth clients, you have a shorter investment time horizon. Or even if you are simply looking for a little more “action” in your investing.

If any of this sounds familiar, I think you’ll be thrilled to hear what I have to tell you. I know I’m thrilled to share it with you. Though I should stress upfront that this solution is not for everyone.

It’s not suitable for the more conservative investors among us. It’s frankly not for “absolute beginners,” either. Or for investors who lack courage and conviction – or even those who have very limited capital.

But it’s not rocket science or space travel, either! You don’t need a degree in finance or a million dollar portfolio to profit along with us. You won’t be required to commit hours a week to maximize your results.

You will, however, be asked to 1) expect more frequent, less-structured communication from me, 2) prepare to act on my instructions in a timely manner, and 3) accept a little more “excitement” in return for higher potential profits.

If you can agree to those three simple conditions — and if you like the idea of potentially making even more money in a much shorter time frame — I can’t wait to tell you exactly what I have in mind.

Then you can decide for yourself if what I’ve got in mind is right for you, and we can take the next important step together.