Most Americans missed out on the historic bull market in U.S. stocks. Charles Payne, Fox News regular and host of “Making Money With Charles Payne,” is determined to change that.

May 5, 2015, Rockville, MD—Wall Street veteran and Fox News regular Charles Payne has a bone to pick with his fellow investment professionals: Too many hardworking Americans are falling further and further behind.

According to a recent Bankrate study, fewer than half of Americans are profiting from a generational rally in U.S. stocks — even as the yields from such alternatives as traditional savings accounts and certificates of deposits (CDs) wallow at historic lows.

This critical theme – helping “ordinary” investors get rich in the U.S. financial markets – will be familiar to fans of Payne’s hit cable news show, “Making Money With Charles Payne.” Now, Payne wants to show his viewers exactly how to make it happen.

“For years, I’ve been pleading with people, begging people, telling them, ‘You know, you know, you know!’” Payne recently explained to Stuart Varney, guest host of popular Fox News daily, Your World With Neil Cavuto.

“But people have been intimidated,” argues Payne pulling no punches while calling out the financial services industry. “They intimidate you so you’ll send them your money.” As a result, argues Payne, “People simply don’t connect the dots.”

To make sure investors connect those dots, Payne has teamed up with leading investor advocate InvestorPlace Media. Partnering with growth investing icon Louis Navellier and Wall Street veteran Hilary Kramer, among other trusted advisors, InvestorPlace Media reaches millions of individual and professional investors each week.

David Bishop, InvestorPlace Media Chief Executive Officer summed it up by saying, “I am thrilled we have been able to partner with Charles on this endeavor.  He demonstrates great passion for helping the individual investor navigate the complex landscape of Wall Street and we are excited to help him share his extensive money-making expertise with our audience.”

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According to Payne, educating readers and providing them with stock “picks” and actionable advice will be his primary focus. But more than anything, Payne wants to demonstrate to investors that they already have everything they need to get wealthy investing.

According to Payne, the timing couldn’t be better or the situation more urgent. “My main goal is to break through this malaise,” Payne laments. “Remind people to re-embrace the American dream because it’s not dead.”

Quite the contrary, according to Payne, “This is the greatest economy ever created — the greatest country ever created and we are in a rough patch. I don’t like the idea of tossing in the towel and too many people have done it.”

With this InvestorPlace Media partnership, Charles Payne intends to change all that. Charles continues to say, “I have admired InvestorPlace Media and all the newsletter writers they’ve published for close to 20 years. Now I’m thrilled to be able to work with the premiere name in investment publishing to help individual investors reclaim the American Dream.”

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